About #DhalootaFincila Page

The Page, #DhalootaFincila is named after the title of the third poetry book of the poet Caalaa Hayiluu, which means the revolutionary generation. This site deals with political, social and economic situations with very recent information from Ethiopia, focusing on the Oromos and Oromia case. More importantly, the news, articles and poems written and published here are in Afan Oromo and very rarely in English. Being a site designed to entertain Oromo literature, especially poems, the writings will be poems that can be published. Subscribers and readers can give their comments, opinions. Comments on false information posted on this page can and will be taken into account and taken seriously.

Marsaareetiin kuni ogwalaloo,asoosama gaggabaaboo,barreeffamota adda addaa fi seenaa gaggaboo faa yeroo yeroon qabatee baha. Haal siyaas-diinagdeefi hawaasummaa Oromoodhaas ni ilaala.